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In the real world, we’ve found that clients don’t have cookie-cutter issues, so we don’t use one when helping them meet their procurement objectives.

EP Tech provides clients a flexible set of procurement outsourcing options, custom configured to meet their specific needs. From end-to-end procurement outsourcing to point solutions like category management, strategic sourcing and procurement operations, we get you more bang for your buck.

By bringing together the most comprehensive procurement services portfolio in the industry, innovative cloud-based software, global operations capabilities and tailored solutions, EP Tech can deliver impressive results:

  • Accelerated time to value
  • Increased spend visibility
  • Improved compliance and transparency
  • Improved user experience
  • Reduced operational costs

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Procurement Transformation

Procurement Consulting

Digital Procurement Transformation

Procurement Support Services

Procurement Software

We are the leaders

Customized supply chain solutions provide a powerful competitive advantage


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of supply chain outsourcing services that help companies drive more value across the enterprise. Whether it’s improving stock delivery through better supply planning or reducing shipment costs through effective logistics management — we help you get results.

We use best-in-class processes, cutting-edge tools and our deep understanding of market-leading supply chain organizations to help enterprises move beyond cost savings and make the supply chain their competitive advantage.

We have pioneered a global operations model for delivering high-value supply chain services. With offices and operations centers across Europe, the United Kingdom and the Americas, We bring local market knowledge and global expertise to your supply chain.

Key Capabilities

Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Data Management

Supply Chain Diagnostics

Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain Dashboard

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Market Intelligence

Make sourcing a competitive advantage

Achieve more savings and value for every dollar spent with strategic sourcing outsourcing


How can you be more strategic in your strategic sourcing process? At a point where procurement organizations are recognizing their potential to contribute to the top as well as the bottom line, how can procurement teams maximize cost savings as well as generate additional value for the enterprise?

We have answers to these questions. We are one of the leading providers of strategic sourcing outsourcing services in the world. Every year, we help hundreds of organizations effectively execute their sourcing strategies to save billions in spend. Staffed with experienced category specialists, our strategic sourcing consultants get sustainable results fast ― real results that improve the bottom line and boost competitive advantage.

Our capabilities are much broader than those of other strategic sourcing providers. We have a proprietary mix of outstanding analytical and sourcing methods, talent and supporting infrastructure, positioned in regional offices and operations centers across the globe. We hit the ground running and deliver greater savings and value from day one. Our clients benefit from:

  • More than 100 category experts and sourcing consultants on staff
  • Dedicated market intelligence and analytics teams
  • State-of-the-art analytical and eSourcing tools
  • A rapidly expanding database of more than 5 million global suppliers
  • A repository of best-practice methodologies, processes and specialized templates
  • Local teams in major markets across Europe, the United Kingdom and the Americas

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Get best-in-class performance on demand

Streamline procurement operations and drive greater efficiency across P2P


Long purchase cycles, delayed payments and poor cash flow visibility are all telltale signs of sluggish procure-to-pay (P2P) processes that need an immediate overhaul.

With streamlined procure-to-pay processes, procurement organizations can not only reduce paperwork and cut down cycle times, but also increase spend under management, boost compliance, reduce maverick spend and improve the overall purchasing experience — all this while delivering greater time and cost savings.

Revitalizing Your P2P Process

Our procure-to-pay services are designed to deliver breakthrough improvements in year-on-year savings, empower procurement teams to do more with their time, and drastically improve return on operating costs.

Our end-to-end procure-to-pay outsourcing services help you drive greater efficiency across all your P2P processes — from the point of order to the point of fulfillment and payment. We leverage cutting-edge transaction processing capabilities, state-of-the-art procurement software, and experience of optimizing procurement operations for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises worldwide to deliver value beyond savings.

Key Capabilities

Accounts Payable

Spend Analysis

Tail-Spend Management

Drive value and performance across the board

Expand the power and reach of your sourcing teamy


You have a great team in place, good control on your spend and strong relationships with stakeholders as well as suppliers. What more can you do to achieve and increase year-on-year savings? How do you improve the return on investment when operating costs show a natural increase? Your team has acquired deep expertise in the respective categories it manages, built strong relationships with business stakeholders. What if it could focus more on creating strategies, developing suppliers and negotiating deals?Our source-to-contract services deliver breakthrough improvements in year-on-year savings, empower your team to do more with their time and drastically improve return on operating costs.

Extend your reach

Do more, achieve more, expand your team’s capabilities



Increased demand from internal customers is one very tangible indicator of procurement’s growing importance to the enterprise. On the other hand, this increased demand — if not resourced adequately — can overwhelm already lean internal teams, actually eroding their overall impact.

Support services from EP Tech are designed to help keep enterprise procurement teams firing on all cylinders, enabling your group to meet its targets, expand its reach and keep pace with rising expectations.

That’s why enterprise procurement teams at Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies across Europe, the United Kingdom and the Americas ask EP Tech to support them across a wide range of procurement activities.

Procurement Source Capabilities

Supply Market Intelligence

Sourcing Support


Contract Management

Supplier Performance Management

Savings & Compliance Tracking

Category expertise on demand

Bring more spend under management, quickly and easily


As procurement continues to evolve from a tactical to a strategic enterprise function, CPOs and other senior procurement leaders are being evaluated on their team’s strategic contributions to the success of the business.

Cost control and take-out remain as prime objectives, but procurement’s mission is increasingly seen as impacting both the top and bottom lines, with a direct connection to enterprise growth and competitiveness. How can you start meeting these intensified expectations — delivering impressive savings, yes, but also creating value that indicates progress toward organizational maturity?

Our category management services not only help procurement teams in market-leading enterprises worldwide save more money, but also contribute value in ways that include improving supplier performance, mitigating supply risks, and driving innovation and continuous improvement.



The Power of Proactive

Dependable suppliers, good contractual terms — that’s the general “punch list.”

Changing business needs, compliance gaps and below-par supplier performance can all erode identified savings.

Proactive management is integral to ensure that suppliers and contracts deliver real savings and value. That’s the EP Tech approach to category management consulting. It gets you:

  • Real-time market intelligence on suppliers and commodities
  • Best-practice category and industry methodologies
  • Precise category planning, encompassing forecasting and budgeting
  • Supplier performance tracking
  • Improved compliance
  • Proactive contract reviews and renewals
  • Decreased off-contract (maverick) purchasing and greater spend under management
  • Live savings measurement and tracking – identified vs. realized
  • Constant annual cost reductions

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