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Procurement’s role in the enterprise has evolved. Today, CPOs and procurement leaders are expected to work closely with the C-suite as strategic business partners and trusted advisors to mitigate risks, create competitive advantage, and drive enterprise growth.

As a global leader in procurement consulting, EP Tech helps Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises build and manage high-performance procurement organizations to rapidly achieve more efficient, more effective operations, with greater strategic reach and increased business impact.

With deep expertise in procurement transformation, we guide enterprise procurement teams toward a new operating model — one where strategy, technology and operations combine to deliver game-changing business outcomes.


End-to-End Procurement Consulting Capabilities

EP Tech combines strategic procurement consulting services, cutting-edge technology, and managed services to help clients achieve their strategic, operational and financial objectives.

Our comprehensive range of procurement consulting capabilities includes:


From Quick Wins to Long-Term Success

Cost savings, sure. But they are just one facet of procurement’s larger mission to deliver sustainable ROI and enhanced value to the enterprise. EP Tech’s procurement strategy consulting services help enterprises in the most fundamental ways – increased profitability, improved productivity and business agility, streamlined operations, increased competitiveness, among others.

Our team of highly experienced procurement strategy consultants helps clients find solutions to their most intractable problems — solutions that incorporate creativity, ingenuity, innovation, and mastery of both procurement strategy and technology. Our procurement consulting services portfolio has been engineered to support the full range of our clients’ needs, today and as they evolve.

Agile. Intelligent. Resilient

Your supply chain is a competitive business advantage


Supply chains today are increasingly interconnected, complex and global with many entities working in unison to source, convert and deliver products to customers.

A resilient supply chain can not only help enterprises respond swiftly and effectively to economic, technological and market disruptions, but also help them gain a competitive advantage. The goal of a resilient supply chain is to minimize negative impacts of these disruptions on revenues, costs and customers.

EP Tech’s supply chain consulting services help enterprises create and manage high-performing, resilient supply chains that drive sustained, profitable growth, even in the face of sudden, dramatic change.

Growing Strains on Global Supply Chains

In today’s increasingly volatile world, supply chains must be able to adapt to changes over which they have no control – natural disasters, political instability, regulation, and dramatic economic changes.

Add to that trends such as a rapidly changing technological and digital landscape, increasing demand for quality and differentiation, and scarcity of resources, which may put supply chains under tremendous pressure to perform.

Key Capabilities

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Diagnostics

Network Optimization

Inventory Optimization Services

Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Dashboard

Huge performance gains, big boost for bottom line

Amplify your procurement team’s reach, relevance and enterprise-wide impact


Procurement’s role is evolving rapidly; the tactical team focused on cost reduction has been recast as a strategic entity driving enterprise-wide value. Enterprises worldwide are asking their procurement teams to play a larger and more strategic part in overall corporate growth and deliver sustainable business results. To be able to meet these new expectations, procurement organizations must transform their legacy processes, practices and structures, and align them with the current needs of the enterprise.As with any transformation program, the real challenge is in the implementation. Organizations often follow the path of building detailed transformation road maps and implementation plans, many times using outside expertise, but fail to realize the benefits in the real world.

Transformation Capabilities

Procurement Strategy

Organization & People

Sourcing & Category Management


S2P Operations

Governance & Performance

Procurement Process Design

Change Management


Reduce costs, optimize spend

Use our powerful and effective cost-reduction methodologies


 In today’s highly volatile global business and economic environment, enterprises worldwide are facing increased challenges, both externally and internally, to sustain profitable growth.Under rapidly changing market conditions, the ability to reduce operating costs and allocate budgets correctly is paramount for organizations to survive and grow.Our strategic cost management services enable leadership teams to reduce expenses in categories that yield little impact, and optimize spend in areas that drive sustainable growth. Our strategic cost management programs can help identify and eliminate up to 35 percent of SG&A (Selling, General and Administrative) expenses within a year, freeing up cash that can be invested to drive growth and enhance shareholder ROI.

Key Capabilities

Zero-Based Budgeting

Should-Cost Analysis

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